Podcast Episode 3: Don't Wait for Others to Lead

Uncategorized Sep 18, 2019

Find out why right now is such an incredibly important time in our human story.    

Key takeaways from this week's episode:

- Why do we allow ourselves to accept the social cues of others, rather than standing for our own values?
- Find out why Compassion is your obligation - much more than just a nice idea.
- Discover the one thing you can do to make immediate change in your own character, and how this change will affect others around you.

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Welcome back.  I’m Alan Gordon, creator of the Cycle of Mind System.  The notes from this episode will be published on my blog, and if you want to chat and ask questions joining the Facebook Group would be the next step. 

So we’ve covered a lot of ground in the first two episodes. 

  • We have established that Mind is real.
  • We have established that we have deeply held subconscious self-beliefs that are governing every aspect of our lives.
  • We have established that these beliefs were formed by our third year, and have been occupying our Subconscious Mind since then, and that we are smarter now than we were at two years old, but our old beliefs still control us.

 As a species, our capabilities are extraordinary.  We have infinite creative power, we have the ability to conceive and communicate complex ideas, and we have the power to cooperate in pursuit of a common ideal.  Human beings are an awesome team.  And we should be playing the game together. 

But instead, division, separation, fear of one another, anger, lying that are preventing us from cooperating and thereby reaching our fullest potential. 

We have established that Character, values and principles are most important. 

As we discussed, we have no right to ask others to change their thinking unless we ourselves are doing the work to change our own thinking.                                                                                             

We talked about win-lose thinking and how it relies on anger and conflict, and we talked about third way thinking and how it engenders respect and cooperation. 

More importantly, we talked about how these behaviors have real consequences for us, they create an energy – positive or negative – which surrounds us and becomes our Reality.  It is our own behaviors that create the environment we live in.  

Only when we accept responsibility for our circumstances and experiences will we ever be able to change them in the future. 

If we want better circumstances, then we need to control our thoughts, words, actions and behaviors – and we must keep ourself on a course toward Compassion.  And the way to keep your thoughts, words, actions and behaviors under control is by building our self-awareness and taking responsibility.   

Compassion has to be our compass, our guiding direction. 

Compassion is the side of us that cares about people, the side of us that wants to build other people up, to help others, to heal others.  

Hate is the side of us that wants to take for ourselves, to feel power over others, to devalue others.  

Compassion compels us to unify with others.  Hate compels us to divide ourselves from others.  

With Compassion we see other people as infinite possibility.  With Hate we see other people as a threat to our own power and interests. 

Compassion creates a warm and comfortable energy that surrounds us and the people we help.  Hate creates a harsh and uncomfortable energy that surrounds us and the people we hurt. 

Each of us has a polarity of instincts within us – it is the nature of our design.  

Most people don’t give it a second thought – they don’t intentionally turn their Mind to Hate, and they don’t intentionally turn their Mind to Compassion.  Most people have no intention at all – they take their cues from the people around them.  

They believe what they see.  They see Hate, and they believe it’s real. 

If society and the people around them are compassionate, they become Compassionate.  If society and the people around them are hateful, they become Hateful.                    

They don’t choose one or the other, they simply acquire the moral values and principles (or lack of moral values and principles) of others around them. 

They drift.  Hate is a lack of compassion, and compassion is a lack of hate.  If you don’t pick a side, then you stand for nothing.

Compassion is a power that we can intentionally turn towards with our thoughts. 

Compassion is more than simply thinking nice thoughts about people.  Compassion, which comes from within – it’s a character trait - is a desire to lift others, to help others, to heal their wounds.  Compassion recognizes the value of other people and inspires them to value themselves.  As we help others, we gain power within ourselves, and that power is magnified by the love and warmth that others return to us.  The power of Compassion, when fully embraced, creates a joyful and abundant life for everyone in our sphere. 

This is our obligation to ourselves, and to the world.                        

Disagreements are always going to happen.  The problem is, as soon as we stop trusting one another, as soon as we get angry, as soon as we are willing to fight, as soon as we try to take from other people, as soon as we hate – we abandon our Compassionate nature, and therefore abandon everything that is good about ourselves. 

As I said we are at a critical time in our history where we have lost all connection with Character, Values, and Principles. 

And it is very important that we change our path, we must try to work together frictionlessly like a great team, or a great company – where everyone is on the same page working toward the same goal.  

And that common purpose – whether it’s a family, or a business, or a school, or a government – our common purpose should be abundance – not abundance for me or for you, but for all of us.  We need to include everyone in the abundance.  

And Compassion is the one thing that will get us there.  It is oxygen to our species.  Everything else is simply poisoning us.                                                                                      

This idea of common purpose was expressed by Robert F. Kennedy when he said:  

We must admit the vanity of our false distinctions among men and learn to find our own advancement in the search for the advancement of others.
~ Robert F. Kennedy

We must be clear about what we stand for.  We must be intentional when it comes to what we stand for.  We can choose compassion with our thoughts.  We can choose generosity.  We can choose cooperation.  We can respect other people.   We actually can make these choices, and put these thoughts in our Mind intentionally.  Even though we are not perfect, we can keep these thoughts in our Mind and come closer to the ideal each day.  

Character, Values and Principles are most important.  We must stand for good, otherwise we stand for nothing.  And if we don’t know what we stand for, how will our children and grandchildren know what they are supposed to stand for?

It requires nothing more than a personal decision to become more compassionate.  To embed Compassion into your thoughts and into your Mind.

For the vast majority of people who express hate and anger, I don’t think they really understand what they’re doing.  They are simply acting on auto-pilot.  They are not aware of the thoughts in their Mind, they are not aware of their behaviors, and they are not aware of the consequences they are creating.  They are influenced by other people, and they are simply getting swept up in the environment of fear that is being created around them.  They truly believe, because they are told to believe, that others outside their group are trying to take something from them.

Hate is a cancer on our society, it is spoiling everything that is good in our world, and it is destroying our future. 

We were not meant to live in conflict with one another.  We were meant to work together, to overcome our differences and cooperate and create great things.  If we all commit to looking out for one another – If a business owner commits to Compassion, if a school administrator commits to Compassion, if a mother and a father commit to Compassion, if we choose that value of Compassion, then we know that we are safe with each other.  And we can work with each other toward a higher purpose.

We don’t have to accept the morals and values of others – we can choose our own.  We can change the channel that we’re watching.  We can make a stand for something.

This is our great gift.  We can put new thoughts in our Mind, we are no longer imprisoned by the thoughts of our two year old self.

We can each decide – one by one - to put Compassion in our Mind right now.  We can go 60/70/80% Compassionate – I want to own the whole field.  I want Compassion to run up and down the field.  I want everyone I meet to be compassionate, and generous, and cooperating, and respectful and kind and honest.  I don’t want to associate with people who hate and are greedy, or cruel, or devalue others, or are quick to anger and fight, or lie.  I respect their interests and their needs, but I cannot respect their Hate – there’s no reason for them to continue to hold those thoughts.

We were not made to Hate – we are a cooperative species, and our future depends on this.

We should begin to demand Compassion from our politicians and our governments, from our corporate leaders, from our local businesses, from our schools, from our medical system, from our police force, from the media, from our neighbors, we should expect them to protect the needs of others - but most importantly – we must demand nothing less than the highest Character, Values and Principles from ourselves.  We must each set the example, starting with ourselves.

Anyone who wants to can come over on our team and we’ll show them how to become more Compassionate, we’ll show them the incredible power it brings to their life.  Hate brings disruption and negativity and darkness and poverty – we’ve had enough of that. Compassion brings abundance and light and hope and health. It’s just a better way for us to live.  

Don’t wait for others.  You lead the way by embracing Compassion with all your thoughts, and all the power of your Mind.  Don’t take a poll to see what others think – you commit to your values now.

Always remember that in the Cycle of Mind System – Character, Values and Principles are most important. 

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