Podcast Episode 1: Cooperation and Compassion

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Episode 1: Cooperation and Compassion


Cooperation and Compassion are the two things we will need to create a better future for humanity.  

Key takeaways from this week's episode:

- Mind is real, and you can see it in operation all around you
- How did you become the person you are now? 
- Where did your Subconscious Self-Beliefs come from?
- What are the most important changes we all need to make as individuals so we can thrive as a society?

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Hello world!  Welcome to the first installment of The Cycle of Mind Podcast.  I’m Alan Gordon, creator of the Cycle of Mind System, a series of exercises that allow you to control and manage your thoughts. 

Before I say another word I want to dedicate this podcast to my Students.  I am loving the journey with you guys.  I’m so grateful for your encouragement and support.  We are doing serious work, becoming more self-aware, studying our own experiences in real time, trying to understand Mind, trying to understand ourselves.  This podcast is for you and for all Cycle of Mind Students in the future.

The transcript of this episode will be posted on my Blog, so just relax and enjoy the conversation about Mind.

Mind is real. 

The Cycle of Mind System is based – as my Students know - on the premise that Mind is real – Mind is the creative force behind all reality.  We can easily see this in operation all about us.  Our thoughts create our experiences and circumstances.  And we can easily prove by experiment that within three days of choosing a new thought, we can see new circumstances – we can see how Mind responds to our thoughts.

The power of Mind is absolute.  Mind is the creative force behind our universe.  We all know this, but it takes a great shift in thinking to realize that this is the only thing that’s true.  It’s not one of the many things you know – this is true.  This is the one truth that the entire Cycle of Mind System is based on.

“Mind controls Reality, and Reality conforms to Mind.”
~ The Cycle of Mind

There’s a process that each of us has to go through, until we finally understand the finality of that statement.  Mind is real, and your thoughts are creating your reality.

As you get further into the study, each cycle brings a deeper level of understanding of the truth.  The more you understand that Mind is real, the more everything makes sense and comes into clearer focus.

Your thoughts are creating your reality.

I want you to imagine you’re on an airplane looking out on the world, and you can see every species on the planet.  1.2 million species of life have been documented, but an additional eight to twelve million more species remain undocumented.  So that means there are 10 to 14 million species on planet Earth, and by observation from this airplane, we can see obvious evidence that Man is the dominant species on the planet. 

So I want to ask you a question.  What is it about us that makes us the dominant species?  What are three things humans have that other animals cannot match.

Here’s my three things.

The first advantage we have is an opposable thumb – that’s a game changer.  Our hands are miraculous, and with these hands we can create whatever we want.

The second advantage we have is Language – that’s a game changer.  We can now speak about anything and be understood.  We can form and communicate ideas to one another.

And the third advantage we have is cooperation – that’s the game changer.  A lot of species cooperate, in fact most species cooperate.  But when humans cooperate, because of our language abilities, we can cooperate around an idea.  We can make a plan and use our hands to create anything.  All animals cooperate, but only humans can rally to an idea, and use their hands to create anything they can imagine. 

Cooperation is key to our success as a species.  Throughout history, everything we have ever accomplished was through cooperation around an idea.  The fabric of our society is held together by cooperation. 

An opposable thumb, complex language, and cooperation.

We still have our opposable thumbs.  We still have our ability to communicate ideas, but we have stopped cooperating.

I’m sounding a red alert.  This is an urgent time in our history –  we are not cooperating any more.  In fact, there has never been a time in history where we have been more divided and polarized on a global scale.  It’s like conflict and greed have sucked up all the air around us.  Trust is completely gone, we no longer cooperate.  And as a result, we are not only in decline, we are destroying ourselves.

Just to put the decline of our species in perspective…  There are more than 10 millions species on planet Earth.  Scientists estimate that in the history of our planet, more than 1 billion species  lived on this Earth and went extinct.  99% of all species that have ever lived on this planet are extinct.

We are the one species that actually has the ability to communicate and cooperate, and therefore if we so choose, we can all agree to rise above our own self-interests and make the world a better place.

But for now, we just don’t cooperate with each other.  We need to turn this around.

So how can we work together?  How can we turn our future around? 

Well the only way we could ever cooperate would be to agree on an idea.  But what can we all agree on in a world where cooperation seems to have vanished? 

Of the Four Main Principles of the Cycle of Mind System, Principle Number Four says that Character, Values, and Principles are most important.

Lots of things are important, but nothing is more important than positive character, values and principles. 

Why are Character, Values and Principles the most important thing?

None of us can pre-determine the details of our future.  We can hope, and vision and think about our future, but the actual details of circumstances are life’s mystery.  We have no control over circumstances and events, they will simply unfold before us.  We can’t control the details of our future, but as we stand here right now, you and I have absolute control over our inner character, and we can mold our own character to any shape we desire.  We can choose any character, we can choose any thoughts, we can choose any words, and we can choose our behaviors.

First, take control of your own Character.

So I want to spend some time introducing you to positive and negative Character, Values and Principles.  And I want you to observe closely how it is our own Character, our own behaviors that determine our success, our happiness, our experiences.

On the good side we start with Compassion, Generosity, Empowerment, Trust, Cooperation, Honesty, and Respect for one another.

Imagine being in a room with five people - Compassion, Generosity, Empowerment, Trust, Cooperation, Honesty, and Respect for one another.  I can get used to that, and if everyone else is behaving like that – I can do that too. 

On the bad side we have Hate, Greed, Cruelty, Anger, Conflict, Lying, and Devaluing Others.

Imagine being in a room with five people - Hate, Greed, Cruelty, Anger, Conflict, Lying, and Devaluing Others.  To survive,  you’re going to have to behave like that too. 

Hate is poisoning our world.  It destroys everything that is good.  Hate divides people.

There is no other way out of this climate of Hate than for each of us individually embrace Compassion, and put your trust in other men that they will do the same.  If we will ever find Cooperation, we must trust each other, but before we can trust each other, we must first care about each other.

Caring about others is the key.  Compassion is our oxygen.  It is what we need in order to survive.  And the future of the world is defined by our level of Compassion vs. our level of Hate.

I’m going to discuss the origins of Hate in a future episode, and I’m going to show you that Hate is not a normal condition – Hate is the result of incorrect thinking.  But unfortunately, there are a lot of people in our society who are carrying around a lot of Anger, and Hate and Greed, Conflict, Lying and Devaluing others.  It’s not that they’re a bad person, it’s that they have incorrect beliefs which are making them unhappy.  And to whatever degree you hold any of these Character traits, you can now change them to Compassion.

So the goal of the Cycle of Mind is for each person to be their own individual, working to become the very best person possible.  And together we can become the very best society we can be.  Take our miraculous hands, put beautiful thoughts in our Mind, and put our creations to good purpose.  Take our beautiful language, and communicate the most important idea:  Compassion.  Then multiply our results by banding together and cooperating.  Together, we can create a world of Compassion, and suck the oxygen out of Hate.  One person at a time.

So that’s why I say in the Cycle of Mind System that Character, Values and Principles are most important.

So now I want to talk about the importance of changing ourselves.  So I want to do an exercise that will help you become more aware of yourself, I want you to relax your Mind and breathe slowly for about a minute or two.  Just relax however you can – you might be walking or jogging, or in a car, or on a train – or you might be at work.  Just relax as best you can for now.

Slow deep breaths, and make sure with each breath that you relax and slowly engage your diaphragm in every breath.  A good pace for relaxed diaphragmatic breathing is about four or five breaths per minute.  Even if you’re running, focus on slower, deeper breaths.

Changing our own character is the most important thing because we can’t ask others to be compassionate if we ourselves are not compassionate.  We can’t ask others to control their thoughts, their actions, and their impulses, if we cannot control our own thoughts, actions, and impulses.  We have no right to ask others to let go of Hate, if we ourselves are not trying to let go of Hate.

In order to change from within, we must come to understand what makes us the way we are – we must become aware of ourselves.  And it’s only by becoming self-aware that we can start to make real improvements in our own Character.  And ironically, the best way to become self-aware is to make improvements in your Character.

I want you to imagine on the wall in front of you is a giant painting that represents your entire life.  You see yourself today, and you slowly trace an unbroken chain of time all the way back, decade after decade, to your birth.  You may only remember the highlights, but every detail of your life is in that painting. 

I want you to zoom in on the part of the painting when you were two years old. 

Can you remember yourself at age two?  Most people can’t, so if you have no memory of yourself at that age, then imagine a two year old child with you right now. 

If you're not familiar with what a two year old looks like, you were still in diapers, and you loved birthday cakes and candles, you loved squishing your fingers in the mashed potatoes, your father’s beard tickled your face, you threw a tantrum once in a while, knowing full well it made your parents mad.  You were still a baby. 

You were just learning your colors, red, blue, green, yellow.  You used baby talk to express yourself.  You were trying to piece the language together so you could understand what they were trying to say to you.

Can you remember yourself at that age?  Do you even have one distant memory of yourself at age two? 

Well, it was during that obscure and distant time of your life, that 90% of your self-beliefs were formed.  Millions and millions of beliefs about yourself, about how things worked, about how things were supposed to be.  And those beliefs became deeply embedded in your Subconscious Mind, and if you are like the majority of people, those beliefs you formed decades ago are essentially the same beliefs you have today.

You have millions upon millions of Subconscious Self-Beliefs about everything.   All formed when you were two years old.  And it doesn’t matter that as  you grew up you learned more about the world – your beliefs were set in stone at age two.  And those beliefs still control your life today.

Your job, your income, your home, your status, your level of happiness or sadness, your optimism or pessimism, your clothing, your education, your relationships, millions of things about your life, some things so subtle as to your body language  – your subconscious beliefs govern every aspect of your life - you have been living the exact level of life you believed for yourself since you were a baby – no more, no less.

That picture on the wall that shows your whole life, it’s very hazy at age two, but if you want to know how you felt about yourself at age two, then wherever you are right now, open your eyes and look at the world your Subconscious Self-Beliefs have created for you. .  Your life today is an exact representation of the way you felt about yourself at age two.  The good and the bad, you are the same person with the same beliefs since your childhood.

Remember I told you that the sooner you accept the truth that Mind is real, the more things will make sense and become clearer?

Subconscious Mind is the unyielding creative force behind the Universe.  Whatever is in your Mind, becomes your reality.  This is true for me, and it is true for you.  It is a truth.  You’ve heard of ancient wisdom?  This is an ancient truth.  Mind is real.

In the Cycle of Mind I say it as follows:

Mind controls reality, and reality conforms to Mind.  
This is the Cycle of Mind.

The Buddha was very clear and precise when he explained it:

“With our thoughts we make our world.”
~  The Buddha

Mind is real – that is a basic fact.  Now what?

Each one of us, of course, can do whatever we want with this truth.  We can use our Mind toward any purpose.

But I would ask you to use Mind, to fill it with thoughts of the highest Character, Values and Principles.

It is not easy to take control of your thoughts – remember I said Mind is a force - your deeply embedded Subconscious beliefs pull on you and don’t want you to change.  You have had them for decades, you have habits you’ve been mindlessly acting out for decades.  Those decades old beliefs and habits are like gravity, holding you down to the life you understood for yourself when you were two years old.

Year after year in your life, you’ll notice that things have never really changed, and you have never quite reached what you had hoped for.  And you now understand that the reason you have never risen or fallen any great distance in life is because your self-beliefs hold you exactly to the life you “deserve,” and if you go too low, your subconscious beliefs raise you back up, and if you go to high, your subconscious beliefs pull you back down to the life you believed for yourself as a two year old.

All we have to do is remove those old beliefs and replace them with new ones. 

Those old self-beliefs are powerful, they are difficult, and they will not leave without a fight. 

So the Cycle of Mind exercises are designed specifically to agitate and disrupt those beliefs – once those beliefs are disrupted – it clears the way for new thoughts in your Mind.  And those new thoughts will be centered on Compassion.  You’re going to replace all those negative, limiting, fear-based beliefs with the most important character traits – beginning with Compassion.

Every one of us is responsible for our own future, but we are more than just an individual.  We are part of a broader society.  But before we can work together, we must first change ourselves from within – setting Compassion as our foundation – then we can use the full power of our Cooperation to get behind one idea - Compassion.  The real power of Compassion comes when we work together. 

Before I sign off this first episode, I want to take a moment to acknowledge someone who has been instrumental in helping me get this podcast rolling.

I want to shout out to Mike Brancatelli who runs the Mikeadelic podcast – Mike and I connected, and he generously opened his Mind and showed me that a podcast is more than just a recording you post on the web, a podcast can inspire people, can bring people together, can leave a marker for history, and can make the world a better place. So thank you Mike for inspiring me to make this Cycle of Mind Podcast.


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