Podcast Episode 4: Mind

Uncategorized Sep 18, 2019

Let's dig deep into our Subconscious Mind, see its power, and how it affects everything we do, and our experience of reality.    

Key takeaways from this week's episode:

- Are you really responsible for all your happiness and unhappiness, or is it a result of circumstances?
- Find out why people cling to their negative beliefs and refuse to let them go.
- Discover the one thing you can do to make immediate change in yourself, and change others around you.

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Welcome back.  I’m Alan Gordon, creator of the Cycle of Mind System.  The notes from this episode will be published on my blog, and if you want to chat and ask questions joining the Facebook Group would be the next step.

We’ve been talking about Character, Values and Principles, but today I want to circle back to our discussion about Mind itself.

Deep under our subconscious – we talked about being two years old, trying to figure everything out – but because of the nature of our design, that’s when our beliefs stopped advancing.   It didn’t matter how much more you learned after that, you still had the same beliefs – it’s just the way we’re designed.  

These decades old subconscious beliefs sit deep under the surface – you’ve never been aware of them.

And now you’re an adult, and you have no idea – you don’t even understand – that your behaviors are driven by those exact same self-beliefs.

And you might say, “I’ve made so many improvements in my life,” and whatever improvements that you’ve made were because many of those self-beliefs were positive and compelled you to improve.  So you’ve found a level in life, that’s not too high and not too low.  It never goes too low because you have positive self-belief, and it’s not too high because you have negative self-beliefs.  And you’ve been living in this same track your entire life.

And the good in your life you can attribute to positive self-beliefs, maybe you like to learn, or maybe you like being part of a team, or maybe you’re a good artist or a great athlete, or maybe you’re really good at showing people that you love them, or maybe you have a lot of energy – whatever it is, the good beliefs have created good in your life, and your negative beliefs have created a lot of unhappiness.

And those subconscious self-beliefs are real.  They exist, they are a real force.  As I describe them in the book, those self-beliefs are like gigantic boulders under the surface of a lake.  They just sit there, and exert absolute control every aspect of your life, and you have no idea they even exist.

The most difficult thing to explain to people and the last step in this journey is to come to believe that all the things you’re unhappy about in your life, all come directly from you – from those subconscious self-beliefs.

Because deep under the surface, those beliefs have been sitting there like boulders, and they’ve been formed from the time you were two years old, they are your thoughts – thoughts you don’t even know you have.

They have absolute power over you.  They literally shape and draw reality – they are like perfect magnets, whatever they believe is reality.  As you go through time, your reality changes.  You meet new people, you learn some new skills, you have different experiences.  You’re a different person all the time.  You’re a very different person than you were at two years old. 

You’ve got skills, you can smile, you can tell jokes, you have a world view, you know who you are.  You have habits, you know much more about the world – you know how corporations work, how religions work, how governments work, you understand the whole thing now, right?.

But you’re still operating on the exact same beliefs.   You can never get any higher in life until those self-beliefs change, and you can never get any lower in life until those self-beliefs change.  They are literally propping you up in the exact life you have always lived.  Different surroundings, different circumstances, but the same emotional experiences over and over again.

When you threw a tantrum at two years old – I mentioned this in another episode – you threw a tantrum you knew full well it made your parents mad.  And that little manipulative trick that you learned, you still do it all the time, and you repeat it over and over again.  And you don’t know that you’re doing it – it’s subconscious.  So just when a relationship goes well, you get them pissed off because that’s what did when you were two years old.

And it’s hard to explain to somebody, and it’s hard to see honestly, that everything around you is a result of your self-belief.  All the choices you’ve made, all the decisions you’ve made, all your actions, all your words and behaviors have led to exactly this. 

And what the Cycle of Mind system says is that you can completely get rid of those self-beliefs.  There’s no reason to continue to hold them – they were formed when you were two years old.  Now you see the bigger picture.  Now is a better time to choose your beliefs.  But unfortunately it’s just the nature of how we are designed as a species – our beliefs harden by age three, and it’s very unfortunate. 

And it’s unfortunate, not just because it makes your life unhappy, and it limits you from being the best you can – that’s unfortunate, but it’s unfortunate because all this horrible negativity that you see in the world is a result of people living out the feelings and emotions they had when they were still in diapers.  And they’ve been living that life out, hurting other people, and not even aware they are doing it.

It’s terrible.  We don’t have to be that way.  It’s simple.  Just wake yourself up, become self-aware - take control of your thoughts – put compassion in your mind all day long, if you want to.

Many people don’t want to change their lives.  Many people try but get frustrated and give up at the first obstacle.   But for those who are willing to do the work, in 30/60/90 days you will have only Compassion in your Mind and you will be focusing all your thoughts on the best imaginable future for yourself and your loved ones.

It’s just a matter of choice – I’ve given you the choice.  I’ve given you the tools, you either pick them up or you don’t.

It’s like in the movie the Matrix, the red pill or the blue pill – do you really want to find out?  If you really want to know the truth, then take control of your own thoughts.  And you’ll see it for yourself.  Disrupt your old self-beliefs and get yourself off auto-pilot.  Disconnect yourself from who you think you are, and connect with who you really are.  You are a perfect being with perfect powers of creation.  Any thought less than that was formed early in your life – now you know.

And the more you understand yourself, the deeper you go, the more power you realize you have.  Every thought has power, if you think it consistently.  Power can come from any thought, but you’re going to choose to take your power from Compassion.  We could choose anything, but we’re going to choose Generosity.  We could get power from anything, but we’re going to get our power from lifting others up and empowering them.

We’re going to get our power from trust and cooperation.  Period.

You can think about anything you want – or continue to keep running on auto-pilot.  I’m giving you the keys to think about all these things you want to think about – to the exclusion of all else.

If you put your Mind on compassion, your results, your experiences will blossom.  Everything will change – and it’s no mystery – you changed your thoughts, and the world responded.

Back to the picture. – I’ll put a link to the video in the blog that explains this.

I want to talk about the x’s and o’s of the Mind – how it works – and I’ll put a link in the blog post to my video, but here’s the gist of it.

We each have subconscious self-beliefs, very solid, very real.  They are power, not only power, they are the ultimate power.  They define the universe.  Our subconscious self-beliefs have the ultimate power.  Mind is reality – this is the Cycle of Mind.  Mind controls reality, and reality conforms to Mind – just think of these things like giant boulders and they’re very very real and they draw reality to them – almost as if reality is matching your thoughts exactly – because that’s what is happening – your thoughts and reality are exactly the same things – your outer world is a reflection of your inner world.

You have these deeply held subconscious self-beliefs however you got them, I’m telling you that you got them at two years old.  And then as you grow up with these self-beliefs that are pretty much hardened forever, these beliefs cause you to behave in certain ways.  These beliefs define your character, your personality, your social skills, your behaviors, your habits, everything you do, everything about yourself, everything you are is driven by these self-beliefs – that combination of beliefs that YOU formed at the age of two – YOU create your own results, circumstances and experiences.  All the results you’ve ever had were created by you.  The positive by your positive self-beliefs, the negative by your negative self-beliefs.

How do you know what’s in your Subconscious Mind?

I tell my Students, If you want to know what you thought about yourself when you were two years old – just look at the room around you, look at the job you have, look at the relationships you’re in.  This is exactly the image you had of yourself, and it never will change.

That’s why it seems that throughout life that you never quite reach the potential you always want to reach.  You have it in your Mind, but it doesn’t materialize.  The reason why things never really change for you is that your beliefs are holding you rock solid.  These beliefs are deeply held, and are difficult to change.

Bring in a machine to dig up the earth, dig up the subconscious boulders, and when they’re all gone, you can put whatever beliefs you want in there.  And you can put beliefs of compassion and generosity, and a belief that I always look for the best in other people, and that everything I do is successful.

In other words, you can now plant entirely new self-beleifs into your Subconscious Mind, but this time as an adult.

And as soon as you disrupt the old beliefs and replace them with the new beliefs – what do you think happens?  Everything changes.  The first thing that changes is you start changing from within – because you’re no longer bound by those old beliefs – you have an entirely new set.  And it happens so fast.  All of a sudden your personality changes, your character changes, your outlook on life changes, your values and principles set from within.  And all of a sudden you have new habits -  you set the alarm 15 minutes earlier so you can wake up and do the breathing exercises. 

Everything in your life starts to change.  It didn’t change because I told you to change.  It didn’t change because you went to a $2,000 seminar to get you all pumped up – your world changes because you changed the thoughts in your Mind – intentionally.  Changed your thoughts to Compassion and immediately everything in your life changes – why is that?  Because your thoughts – more accurately your self-beliefs are always creating the exact circumstances, experiences and results that you believe.

Now we will replace them with unlimited beliefs, unlimited value, unlimited abundance, honesty, generosity, caring, being kind – then the people closest to you will notice that you’re a nicer person and everything is more relaxed because now they respond to you differently.  And as soon as you start changing from within – you see immediately that it was you, after all, that had been causing all your experiences in the first place.

It’s an easy concept to understand, but it is very difficult to accept full responsibility for everything you experience in your life. Because you want to believe there’s this force out there that’s holding you back – that someone else is pulling you – It’s not.  It’s just your beliefs that you set at two years old.  You left them there, you’ve moved on in life, but there are those beliefs you set 20, 40, 60 years ago.   You can’t get rid of them.  They are like an anchor that cannot be ignored.

But we’re going to stop.  We’re going to dig up the trenches of your Subconscious Mind.  Like an earth digger, we’re going to rip out your subconscious self-beliefs.  It’s difficult work – challenging mentally, physically, and emotionally.  As these thoughts disrupt those old beliefs – they don’t want to leave – it’s difficult – challenging, confusing, even painful.

The people who talk about the Law of Attraction are telling you to imagine new results – put that picture of the boat in your mirror.  Put a million dollar photo in your mind?  Put a beautiful happy scene in the mirror and look at it every day.  It doesn’t work that way because you’re not doing the hard work necessary to disrupt and remove the beliefs you had when you were two.  The anchor that holds you to….   You own it. 

Life will change, it always does, but you will still be anchored by your old beliefs.

Don’t wish, hope, dream and affirm change.  The only way to make real changes in your life is to change from within.  To disrupt your old subconscious self-beliefs and replace them with unlimited beliefs of Compassion and abundance and generosity and cooperation, and love, and caring and nurturing and kindness. 

This system is within your grasp.  It is not imaginary.  It works, and people from all over the world and all walks of life are doing it.


And please jump onto my Facebook Group where we are always talking about Mind.  And I’ll be having some live Q&A sessions on Facebook very soon.

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