Podcast Episode - Live Your Life on a Bigger Stage - Expand Your Horizons

Uncategorized Oct 22, 2019

Today I want to talk about expanding our horizons, seeing a bigger picture of who we are as people, and as a society. 

I want you to put into your Mind a life that’s bigger than who you are right now, with better circumstances than you have right now.  I want you to start expanding your personal horizons.  See yourself as the person you can be in the future.  The Cycle of Mind System will help you map out that future.

Here’s a quick story about why it’s so important to expand your thinking, why you need to live bigger than your life right now.

You’ve heard of Ikea.  They are a giant worldwide furniture company, you’ve heard of them.  They became famous for their Ikea Catalog, which of course now is on their website. 

Ikea sells all kinds of furniture, bedroom sets, dining room sets, living room furniture – they sell everything.  But it is their lowest priced item that draws the most attention.  In fact, this lowest price item is the secret of Ikea’s success, and has been their best selling item since the launch of the Ikea catalog in 1979.  The sale of this one item has been the secret to Ikea’s cash flow.


It sells for $8.99 (for those of you listening from the UK, that’s 7 pounds and 29 pence).  It is the cheapest item Ikea sells.  And why I’m so interested in it, it’s the name of the product that catches my attention.  It’s called the Lack Table.  When you look at their entire catalog, their entire website – by far more people buy the Lack Table than any other product.  And this is no secret – most businesses lead with the lowest price item.  Most people buy the cheapest item on the menu, the cheapest item in the store.

In one way or another, at some point in our lives, we have all bought The Lack Table.  I know I have.

The furniture is a metaphor for the limited quality of life we are living.  Here is why it’s so important to begin living with bigger thoughts.

When we open a menu, our eyes naturally scan the prices and we gravitate to the less expensive area of the menu.  We look for the cheapest item on the menu.  We can have anything on the menu, the choices are infinite, but we limit ourselves to the bottom of the menu, the cheapest items.    


I want to share what James Allen had to say about this subject.  He wrote a book in 1902, As a Man Thinketh, and here’s what he said about this:

“Men live in spheres high or low according to the nature of their thoughts.  Their world is as dark and narrow as they conceive it to be, or as expansive and glorious as their imagination allows.”
~ James Allen, As a Man Thinketh

Life gives us whatever we ask for.  Life responds to our thoughts.

We don’t have to believe in Lack any more.  We can choose a new belief – any belief – if we can get past our Subconscious urge to limit ourselves to the bottom of the menu.

If we could successfully put a new belief in our Subconscious Mind, a belief in abundance, we could have anything on the menu – all we need to do is re-train our eyeballs to look away from the lowest part of life, and look to the highest part of life. 

We have this incredible power of Mind that we don’t use.  Nobody has explained to us that all we need to do is change our thoughts, and our entire reality would change.

By simply changing our thoughts, by changing our perspective, we can have anything on the menu, and the menu options in life are infinite. 

Yet, subconsciously, we always choose Lack.

Stop and breathe slowly.  Clear your Mind of all thoughts, relax your shoulders, breathe slow and deep.

I’m not talking about cheap furniture any more.  I’m talking about adding purpose and meaning to your life.  I’m talking about expanding your world and living a life that’s full and rich and meaningful.   I’m talking about looking at the whole menu of life – I’m talking about getting rid of that useless belief in Lack.

Abundance is not about furniture or material possessions, abundance is a state of Mind, abundance means that you’re living a life that’s meaningful, living a life with great purpose. 

I want you to think about your future in this world.  What will your world be like in five years, 15 years, 25 years?  When you think about your future, set aside the life you have today.  Your future does not depend on your present mindset of Lack or Limitation, but it will if you don’t change your thoughts. 

Remember, men live in spheres high or low according to the nature of their thoughts.  Your life today is no more or no less than a product of your beliefs. 

What you have accepted so far in your life, is no longer acceptable.  What others have told you is impossible, is now possible.  What you have settled for in the past, is no longer good enough. 

As a society, what we have accepted so far, is no longer acceptable.  What others tell us is impossible, is now possible.  What we have settled for in the past, is no longer good enough.

When you send your children to school, are you sending them to a place of limited thinking, or are your children being inspired to raise their sights?  When you go to work every day, is your company mired in negative, limited thinking, or is your company doing great things in the world?  In your own home, is your family out of balance, or is your family happy and healthy?

All our limitations, disappointment, frustration, the stress we experience, all our unhappiness, our feeling of despair - it is all our own creation – it’s what we believe about life.   The quality of our lives, everything we experience, it all comes from our own thoughts, our own beliefs.  Everything that is negative in our lives, ultimately, it comes from our belief in lack.  And as I told you in a prior episode, those beliefs in lack and limitation come from the beliefs we formed when we were two years old.

Now, as an adult you can learn to change those beliefs.  You can learn to see the world in abundant terms, in happy terms, see the world for the unlimited possibilities it offers. 

At any moment, you are free to look at the whole menu of life, and you can have anything you want.

Why is this idea of limitation so ingrained in people?  Why do so many businesses choke off the energy and creativity of their employees, why are government agencies so incredibly inefficient in their delivery of services, why do so many people feel it’s ok to cheat, steal, and lie?  Why are we always looking down instead of up?  What is it about human beings that causes us to look down, to be so much less than we should be.

In the Polarity episode I said that we have two poles to our nature.  One is self-interest, taking care of our own needs, and the other is Compassion – helping others.

This is important, because men live in spheres high or low.  When we dwell on our negative polarity, when we dwell on our own self-interest, that leads to the lower sphered in life.  Self-interest is the side of us that looks at life as lack and limitation.  We always feel like there isn’t enough, and so we spend all our energy acquiring for ourselves, and protecting what we have.  This downward vision limits our power.  That’s the self-interest part of our nature.

Compassion, your positive nature, is what allows you to look outside yourself and see the broader picture of life.  Compassion allows you to clearly see the abundance in your world.

The moment you choose Compassion over self-interest, the moment you choose abundance over lack, the moment you choose helping others over helping yourself, you become 10,000 times the being you are today.  You are living at only the smallest fraction of your power.  Our society is huddled around the bottom of the menu, living this idea of selfishness, and we follow the rest of society.  We are not even aware that there are other choices on the menu. 

Set aside the furniture you have today.  Set aside all ideas of lack and limitation which leads to selfishness. 

The life you are building for tomorrow will look nothing like the life you are living today.  What you have accepted, is no longer acceptable.  What others have told you is impossible, is now possible.  What you have settled for in the past, is no longer enough.  What you have always wanted, is now within your reach. 

Set your Mind to your highest purpose in life.  The moment you set your Mind to that Purpose, Mind responds to make it real. 

We live in spheres high or low according to the nature of our thoughts – that’s the way it works.  If you learn the Cycle of Mind System and get good at holding your Mind on these higher thoughts, your life improves almost immediately.

These four things will change your life:

  • Wisdom: Wisdom to look up
    (Always rise up, never look down toward ignorance – there’s nothing there for you)
  • Courage: Courage to let go
    (Your future is different than your world today, so that means everything is going to change, and you have to know when to let go and embrace a new reality)
  • Values: Always Be Guided by the highest Values and Principles
    (Stand for something that makes you proud of who you are)
  • Motivation: Have a Life Purpose
    (Motivation comes when you lock in on your Purpose)

Wisdom, Courage, Values and Motivation

So what I’m saying is to stop limiting your life to what you have chosen in the past, stop looking at the cheapest items on the menu of life, raise your imagination to see much larger possibilities for yourself and for the world, and live your life on a bigger stage.

Some people say “I don’t have a grand purpose, I just want to raise my children.”  There is no greater opportunity to serve the future than being a mother or father.  Teach your children about a bigger world.  Run your company with a larger purpose.  Do your job at a higher level.  Seek deeper meaning in all your relationships.  Live your life on a bigger stage.

Who you are today, what you are today, where you are today – that’s on you.
Your limitation, your unhappiness, your drifting through your life – that’s on you.

In order to live on a bigger stage, you must first change your beliefs about yourself.  Because what you believe about yourself is a thousand times more powerful than what other people believe about you. There’s no more obvious example than a pretty girl and you say, “You’re very pretty,” and she responds, “No.  I’m ugly.”  What you believe about yourself is a thousand times more powerful than what other people believe about you. 

Believe in your greatness, believe in your uniqueness, believe in your beauty, believe in your health, believe that you were born a prince or princess – destined to be king or queen. 

Do not ever again allow your past beliefs to define your future.

Marianne Williamson:
“You are a child of God.  Playing small does not serve the world.  There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that others will not feel insecure around you.  We were all meant to shine – as all children shine.  As you let your own light shine, you unconsciously give others permission to do the same.”

You are a light to the world.  As I say in the Course in Happiness – shine your light as bright as you possibly can.

Don’t look down, look up.
Don’t be afraid or overwhelmed by life, have the courage and determination to succeed.
Don’t drift through life for one more day, find your purpose and bring your good to the world.
Don’t settle for what others think, say and do – be guided by your own highest values and principles.

Don’t hide yourself.  Live your life with happiness and enthusiasm on the biggest stage you can imagine for yourself.  Step out of your comfort zone and never look back.

Mind has no limit, so open your imagination and choose whatever you want from the menu of life.  And I’ll be right there cheering you on.

If you agree with what I’m saying, and you can see yourself living a bigger life, it’s yours if you learn to organize and control your thoughts.  If you really want to be part of this journey, then let’s do it together.  Join the Cycle of Mind Facebook Group.  Eventually you’ll need to become a Student of the Cycle of Mind, but the way to become a Student is to start at the beginning with the Course on Happiness, then when you’re finished with that course, join at the Applicant Level and take the Course on Self-Awareness.  I promise you an amazing journey. 


And please jump onto my Facebook Group where we are always talking about Mind.  And I’ll be having some live Q&A sessions on Facebook very soon.

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