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Uncategorized Oct 29, 2019

Today I want to talk about why it is so important to choose a moral direction, to stop drifting in your life.  Being neutral is not good enough.

Key takeaways from this week's episode:

- Do most people have a moral compass?
- Find out why Compassion is the only direction to point your moral compass.
- Learn how you can choose - right now - to live your life with Compassion.

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When my grandsons came to visit us last year – they were one and two years old at the time – I went on Amazon and looked for baby toys and I bought some bright yellow, red and blue plastic boats that they could play with in the pool and in the bathtub.  We never use the bathtub, but the grandkids love bath time with their Grandma. 

These boats just bob up and down with the waves.  Wherever the power of the waves takes them – they drift with the power of the water. 

In my Polarity episode

I showed you how we have two natural instincts – the first is to protect ourselves, to protect our interests, and the second instinct is Compassion, to help others. 

We were born this way – it is part of our design.  All life has these two instincts. 

So there are two opposite poles, Compassion and Self-Interest. 

And each of us is like one of those plastic boats – floating between those two instincts.  

Most people are in the middle.  They’re not greedy, they’re just normal like most people.  But they also don’t spend their evenings helping local charities – they go home and watch tv, they’re just normal people.  They’re not overly compassionate, but they’re also not mean – they’re nice people.  Like most people. 

And we just drift our lives somewhere in between.  

Some people really are greedy and mean – and they float closer to the Self-Interest pole – they are trying to be mean.  

Other people really do spend their evenings helping with charities – they float much closer to the Compassionate pole- they are trying to be nice. 

It’s better to be compassionate than it is to be mean and greedy.  

In 1987 we heard in the movies how “Greed is Good.”  And I talked quite a bit already about how the 1980’s was the marker in time where we lost our civil connection – where greed became an accepted principle, and we are living with the consequences – so divided that we can’t even imagine ourselves becoming more divided – until we see the news tomorrow – where it gets worse yet again – another new low. 

It’s better to be compassionate than it is to be mean and greedy.  There is a better and worse, a right and wrong.  There is no debate.  Every single ancient wise person has told us the exact same thing.  Be Compassionate, Serve Others, put the needs of others before your own self-interest. 

Just because we are drawn to self-interest, it doesn’t mean we have to chase it.  We can choose our own Character, Values and Principles. 

We are above all other animals and can choose our own thoughts and behaviors.  We are not slaves to our instincts and emotions – we can choose our own thoughts. 

We can’t just float through life – sometimes being kind and compassionate, and other times being self-interested.  We can’t just go on being neutral.  Each of us must develop a moral compass, and point it directly toward Compassion, and this moral compass should guide our thoughts and actions. 

Follow the advice of every enlightened being in history.  Point your whole life toward Compassion.  Help others.  Serve others.  Be kind to others.  Be generous with others. 

But because our instinct of self-interest is very real, people worry that if they help other people, if they really followed their heart and truly helped people, then they will not have enough for themselves.  

They say, “Show me a compassionate person, and I’ll show you a poor person.  Realistically, we have to look out for our own self-interests.”  And so we put off the compassionate side of our nature until later, until all our needs are fulfilled. 

But I’m telling you that if you devote your life to Compassion, if you devote your life to healing others, if you devote your life to serving others, lifting them up, bringing joy into their lives – we will take care of you. 

That’s the reason we’re here with each other – we’re here to take care of each other.  That is our purpose. 

We must set aside our self-interests and commit ourselves to Compassion, and fully support one another in that effort. 

But leaders really have to go first, right?  They have to assure us that if we devote our life to Compassion, that the government will take care us.  Until then, we can only think of our own security. 

But do we really have to wait to begin Compassion?  What do we lose by being compassionate, by committing all in to our moral compass?  

If you’re listening and you’re a teacher – just snap your fingers right now and say from this moment on I will devote my life to helping my students, loving them, caring deeply about them, being a light in their lives guiding them to always bettering themselves, and make them feel like they can accomplish anything.  Teaching is your opportunity to spread Compassion. 

You don’t have to leave your job to be compassionate.  

I know what you’re saying – Sure for a teacher it’s easy to spread Compassion to her students.  For other jobs maybe it’s not so simple.  

So if you’re listening and you own a business, you can snap your fingers right now and say from this moment on I will run my business with Compassion.  I will care for my employees, I will give them a great environment to work in, and we will take awesome care of our customers.  My business will grow every day as our reputation for good customer service becomes known. 

Yeah it’s easy for a teacher or a business person to become compassionate, but maybe it’s not so simple for me to do it. 

And if you’re blessed with some special talent, if you’re anybody who is famous, or anybody who has influence on others - you can snap your fingers right now and commit to use your talent, to use your power, to use your popularity to serve those in need, to use your popularity to rally thousands, millions around your cause – helping those who can’t help themselves. 

Yeah it’s easy for a professional athlete who can start his own charity, but I’m just a dad with a regular job, and we struggle for money every month.  I have my own problems I have to deal with. 

Well if you’re just a regular mom or dad, I want you to snap your fingers and say for the rest of my life I will be the best parent and partner I know how to be.  I will be great at my job and spread a great attitude to my coworkers, and when I’m with my children I will always bring them happiness, I will build their lives up, and I will teach them the importance of Compassion. 

Because when you’re a dad, everyone takes their cues from you.  If you sit on the couch with the remote and yell at your kids because they’re ruining your Sunday – then that’s what you get back from your family.  

Because when you’re a mom, your children live from your smile and your love. 

You create your own reality, good or bad.

Whoever you are, whatever you do, whoever depends on you - snap your fingers and get a moral compass. 

We must set aside our self-interests and commit ourselves to Compassion.  And we have to do this one person at a time. 

You don’t have to be poor to be compassionate, you don’t give up your job, you don’t have to sacrifice anything to be compassionate, in fact, obviously your life will improve with Compassion.  You can be compassionate any time you want.  It’s a choice. 

I live in the United States, and about every two weeks we have a mass shooting.  By the time we process the shock of a mass shooting – the news has moved on to the next big thing, and then the next horrific shooting, and then the next – it’s an awful blur.  

I clearly remember one school shooting with the big news anchors flying to the site and reporting.  

“We’re looking at this shooting from every angle.”
“Where did this young man get this gun?”
“Was it legally obtained?”
“Why are semi-automatic weapons legal?”
“Were there any signs?  Was he being bullied?”
“Will congress finally act this time and finally pass gun control legislation?  Or will this be just another tragedy?” 

I watched those news broadcasts and I thought they were reporting the details of the crime, but they missed the real point. 

My only question is this, “How is it possible in our society that a seventeen year old boy could feel so alone, so hopeless, so angry, so confused, so unloved, that he felt the only way out of his nightmare was to murder his classmates?  What kind of a society have we created?” 

What is it about our society that leaves so many young men and women feeling isolated, disrespected, unloved?  This is our great responsibility to change our world – make it better to create a world where children know they are loved, where people know they are respected, where we each feel safe. 

Don’t wait for others to commit to their own moral compass, don’t look left or right to see what they’re doing.  Look straight ahead and know that others will be inspired by you – because you are triggering their inner impulse to help others.  Stories of Compassion inspire us all. 

Don’t take your moral compass from anyone else.  You must take the lead.  And as soon as you’re compassionate, it spreads to everyone you touch.  If you embrace your moral compass, the whole world moves closer to Compassion.  The only way to move the world is for each one of us individually to make that commitment. 

It’s true that it can be frustrating.  While you strive to be compassionate, others strive to be greedy and cruel.  Selfishness causes other people around them to be selfish because it triggers their instinct toward self-interest.  Selfishness is a disease that spreads to everything it touches.  

That’s why every religion at its core says the same thing.  Selfishness infects the Mind, Compassion heals the Mind. 

It doesn’t matter who you are, or what you do, or what your story is today.  It doesn’t matter how rich or poor you are, how famous or obscure – your current circumstances are of no importance – you can rewrite your own story by simply making a choice to keep your Mind focused on Compassion.  

That’s what the Cycle of Mind System allows you to do – to choose new thoughts and keep your Mind on those thoughts – it’s a Thought Management System. 

I’m the first one to warn you, changing a lifetime of beliefs is not easy.  It’s like riding a wild bronco who’s trying to buck you off his back, but if you hang on tight – if you persistently manage your thoughts, soon enough you will tame your Mind, and then be able to direct Mind to your own Purpose and Desires. 

If you can hold tightly to your moral compass, if you guide your Mind to Compassion, your life will be filled with blessings, a Heaven of your own creation. 

Those who are driven by self-interest, create the experience of Hell for themselves and everyone around them. 

I started by saying our purpose in life is to take care of one another.  That’s true, but it’s really much more than that.  We’re here to motivate one another, we’re here to love one another and make sure they know they have a safe place.  We’re here to respect one another, and lift others up to the best life they can imagine. 

And even more important, we’re really here to help the future.  

The future is not bright with Hate. 

We will create a much brighter future if we can agree that we need a moral compass, and we choose Compassion as the right direction.


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