Free means free.  I just want more people to be happy :-)

Truth is, most people are not happy with the way their life is going. Something is holding them back.


Our Thoughts and Beliefs Work Against Our Own Happiness

Start Your FREE Course in Happiness Right Now Happiness is a way of thinking about things, so put your Mind on these Six Elements of Happiness.

Is it possible that your own thoughts and mindset are the cause of your problems in life?

If so, then the first step is to take full responsibility for the thoughts in your Mind.

"Most folks are about as happy
as they make up their minds to be."
~ Abraham Lincoln

Mind is the right path to seeking happiness, and I want to help you.

  • Happiness is an internal state of Mind.
  • Happiness is being happy with the way you are inside

I have spent years helping regular people from around the world become happier, more fulfilled, and more successful in their lives by teaching a simple system of thought control.  Now I want you to have the opportunity to gain control over your thoughts, and put happier thoughts in your Mind.

When you change your thoughts, your reality changes.

It would be awesome if more people in the world were truly happy - from the inside!

  • You'll get a Mind-Opening explanation of the Six Elements of Happiness
  • You'll get a Mental Structure that will help you organize your thoughts and direct them toward Happiness
  • Take the Happiness Quiz and see where you stand right now
  • Benefit from live Cycle of Mind webinars and workshops
  • Access to Members Only Discussion Forums where the real conversations about Mind are happening 
Look, you don't have to be on a beach watching a perfect sunset to be happy.  You need to be happy in this world, when you're working, when you're with friends and family - every moment of life offers another oportunity to be happy, because Happiness comes from within.


Start the FREE Course in Happiness Right Now!

You haven’t met me yet, but I want to help you if I can.

I created the Cycle of Mind System to help as many people as possible.  If you know me, you know I mean it when I say I love helping other people.  I hope you understand it to be true, I'm not trying to take anything from you, I want to help you.  

You may have purchased my book or watched a Live Workshop, or listened to a few episodes of my Podcast

But I want to explain why I created the Cycle of Mind System, and how it will (absolutely) lead to increased Happiness, Fulfillment and Success in your life. 

I always have understood the truth that Mind is Real.  So for decades I searched for a system that would allow me to control my thoughts.  My Mind never stopped racing, my habits were deeply ingrained. 

I realized that meditation was asking me to do the impossible - to completely quiet my Mind and still my thoughts.  Maybe you've had that same experience.  Just sitting for 10 minutes seemed impossible.  I tried multiple times, but could not make such a significant lifestyle change - it just wasn't right for me.

Did you ever wonder why the goal of meditation is to eliminate your thoughts?  It’s because your thoughts distort the world so if you can get good at meditation, quieting the Mind, and eliminating all thoughts, you can for a few minutes, see beyond your words and limiting beliefs, and experience a higher state of awareness. In actuality, we are prisoners of our own beliefs.  We live in an unlimited universe, but we limit ourselves with our thoughts and beliefs. 

Well since I was not going to be able to meditate for hours and stop all my thoughts (never), I stopped criticizing myself and beating myself up over it, and I came up with a much more logical approach that allowed me to control my thoughts within the lifestyle I already have.

Since we live within the prison of our own thoughts, why not learn to control our thoughts, and think only good, highly positive thoughts?  So instead of a prison, we can create a palace with our thoughts, a perfect future.  But we still need a method, a reliable system to control our thoughts. We need structure, and that is where the Cycle of Mind System comes in.

I studied Mind carefully. I studied other people and I studied my own behaviors and thought patterns and relationships very carefully.  I started to see how I was pulling myself off my own goals, making myself unhappy, causing imbalance in my own life.  And with each experience I modified the thought exercises to make them easier to do every day, and to yield changes in my own thinking.  

Our Subconscious Beliefs hold power over us precisely because they are subconscious, they are hiding under the surface.  We can't see our subconscious beliefs, yet they exert absolute control over every aspect of our lives.  You can't see them, yet they are constantly pulling against your desires, they are constantly pulling against your feelings of Happiness.  As I tell my students, you’re in a fight with your Subconscious Mind, but your opponent is invisible.  Your Subconscious Mind never loses

Using the Cycle of Mind mental exercises and mental structures, you can now agitate and disrupt your old beliefs.  You can bring them to the surface and see them for what they are - limiting beliefs you formed in your childhood. 

After two years of personally using the Cycle of Mind System, I tried it on my first group of Students.  I developed the Course in Happiness to introduce people to the concepts in the Cycle of Mind System.  Then I carefully built the course on Self-Awareness, and then I created the more advanced materials for the Student Level. It was important to me to make the system easy for anyone to understand, and easy for anyone to do every day.

This is no joke.  The system works because it gets at the root of your most deeply held negative and limiting self-beliefs.  My students say it’s working. It is changing their lives, and I couldn’t be happier to know that the Cycle of Mind was a part of that. 

Listen carefully to what Students are saying about the Cycle of Mind.

People all over the world are changing their lives.


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