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A Course in Happiness: The SIX Elements of Happiness

Controlling your thoughts is not easy. They are invisible, your emotions are invisible. It can be challenging learning this new skill for the first few weeks.  We have to corral and take control of our thoughts – and it takes a couple of weeks to learn how to do it.

But once you immerse those new thoughts in your Mind, you will be amazed at the almost immediate changes in your life.

Because now, like the gardener uses the hose to direct the water to the flowers, you use the Cycle of Mind System to direct only the best thoughts onto the flowers of your life.

Can Happiness be defined?  Well, actually there are six main things you need to be happy in life.

  1. Health
  2. Meaningful Relationships
  3. Self Awareness
  4. Inner Peace
  5. Purpose and Motivation
  6. Abundance

I call these the SIX Elements of Happiness.

If any one of these things is missing in your life, you are not fully happy.  Happiness requires all six, while the truth is that most people don’t have more than two, some only have one, and many, many people on this planet do not have any of these.

Take a minute to rate the SIX Element of Happiness in your life. 

These are truly the six things that make life wonderful.  I’m going to show you how to direct your thoughts, like watering these six flowers in your garden, you can now place your thoughts on these areas of your life.

And when you start using the Cycle of Mind System, the more you focus your thoughts on these six areas of life, even in just a few days – you will notice incredible improvements in your life.  It’s a wonderful feeling, and every Student who does the exercises notices these improvements. It’s no surprise that people notice these improvements, because the exercises are designed to nourish these six areas of your life.  When you change your thoughts, your reality changes.

Let’s look at each of these six elements of life, and see why each one is essential to your happiness.


Alan Gordon does not have a medical or mental health degree.  If you are seeking medical or mental health advice, you should consult with a licensed professional.  Your health, your happiness, your abundance lie in your own thoughts, and therefore you acknowledge responsibility for your own results.