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If you would like to speak privately...

Help with planning, vision, possibilities, life purpose...

90 Minutes

Let's explore your current situation, and imagine entirely different possibilities.  We will identify your most limiting beliefs, and put in place a daily set of exercises to replace them.
Applicant membership required.

$500 USD

Schedule 90 Minutes Now

Three One Hour Calls

Meetings are two weeks apart.  We will evaluate progress and bring new ideas info focus.  We will explore the Cycle of Mind System in greater depth.  
Student Membership required.

$1,000 USD

Schedule Three Hours Now

Our Agreement

All communication related to scheduling and rescheduling consultations will be made via email, so check your email regularly.  When you need to communicate with me regarding scheduling and rescheduling, you shall use email, not through social media or any other app.

I like to know as far ahead as possible if my schedule will change and if timeslots become available, so if you don't give me 12 hours notice of a cancellation, you will lose the time, not be allowed to reschedule, and no refund will be given (dire emergencies will be considered).  By giving at least 12 hours notice, of course you will keep your time and reschedule.

On the other hand, if I cancel without giving you 12 hours notice - of course you will keep that time, plus I will give you an additional hour as my apology for the late notice and the inconvenience it caused.

I hate when people don't show up for appointments, so if you're more than 10 minutes late, the meeting will end and no refund will be given.

On the other hand, if I inconvenience you and show up more than 10 minutes late for our scheduled appointment - we can cancel or continue that session, but either way you get your full time plus 30 minutes to be used whenever you want.

Time may be rescheduled, or transferred to another person, as explained below.  

If you are unable to attend a session, and cannot give at least 12 hours notice, you may give the scheduled appointment to a friend or relative, and I will happily spend time with that person at the regularly scheduled time.  If you offer your time to someone else, it is your responsibility to explain to them the full terms of our Agreement.

I am not a doctor and hold no medical or mental health degree.  You acknowledge that it is your choice to consult with me about general life counseling, and are not seeking medical or mental health care or advice, as I am neither licensed nor qualified to offer any such advice.

I have no ability to see the future, nor do I possess any unusual psychic or paranormal skills.  I cannot predict the outcome of our consultations, nor make any promises of results.  Your future rests in your own hands.

I will not share your personal information with anyone - without your permission.  Any recordings, notes, email exchanges, testimonials related to our sessions, or the use of your name or image will require your specific permission via email prior to me using them as part of a promotional campaign, or for any other purpose.

You agree that you are 100% responsible for your own thoughts, your own health, your own prosperity, and your own spiritual well-being, therefore holding Alan Gordon, Cycle of Mind Publishing, Alan Gordon LLC, and any related entities, now and forever more harmless.


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