Health is the centerpiece of the Cycle of Mind System. Health in your cells, in your bones, in your joints, in your lungs. Full, vibrant health.

Do you Have Infinite Abundance?

Our bodies are miraculous, yet we don’t give one single thought to this tremendous gift we have been given.  It is miraculous in its design and function, it never stops working 365 days/year, 24 hours every day - to maintain us in perfect health. 

It is the natural state of our body to be alive and healthy.  Be thankful every day for the perfect body you have been given.  Vow to keep that body in perfect health.


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Quality of Life

Meaningful relationships are the anchors of life.

Without real connection and shared meaning, there is no one to share your joy with.

Imagine again you have all the abundance in the world – unlimited options, unlimited opportunities – you can do anything, you can go anywhere, you can be anything you want to be - but you are distant from people.  Your interactions are shallow and meaningless. You have no deep connection to anyone.

Are you on Auto Pilot?

Although we don’t fully grasp it, we are asleep. 

It's difficult to explain to people that they are living on auto-pilot. Ninety percent of our words and actions are driven by repeated habit. 

We are controlled by invisible, deeply held subconscious beliefs which guide our thoughts, our habits, and exert absolute control over every aspect of our life. From things as small as our body language and facial expressions, all the way to the value we place on ourselves - everything is under the control of our Subconscious beliefs.

Self Awareness allows you to evaluate your own actions in a different light. 

You begin to see the consequences of your actions. You start to observe how your thoughts, words and actions affect others around you. 
You begin to realize that you have been the cause of your own circumstances, and you are now free to make new choices, think new thoughts, live with new beliefs, take new actions – and create new responses from the world around you. 

You cannot be free until you are self-aware.

I'm ready to join the School of Ancient Wisdom!

Join others who are changing their life and discovering a path to a better tomorrow.


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