The Wisdom to Change Your Life - Everything you learn here will be based on Truth, Compassion, Health, Courage, Generosity, Empowerment and Cooperation

Explore Six Golden Truths Right Now
Ancient Wisdom has a lot to say about the nature of Mind. 

You will learn Mental Exercises to control and direct your thoughts.
You will learn how Subconscious Beliefs are formed in childhood and how they can easily be changed.
We dive into the subject of Happiness - nothing more than a state of Mind, and eliminate the one habit that keeps us from being happy.

You will learn the ancient truth about your body, it's infinite intelligence and it's energetic flow.

We're talking Health at the cellular level, health in your organs, your bones, your joints.  You'll learn breathing techniques to oxygenate the body and raise its vibratory rate. 

I'll share a very simple 10 minute exercise routine that will recover your youth (if you're old like me), and keep you healthy and active into your 50's, 60's, 70's and hopefully into your 80's. 

"Character is destiny"
~ Heraclitus

You will see how to turn from "self-centered" thinking to "other-centered" thinking, and you will see the blessings it brings to your life.

Generosity, Kindness, Service and Compassion are the things which will renew your life.

Through consistent mental training, you will be able to align your thoughts, words and actions to your moral compass.

Ancient Wisdom is thought to be lost to time, but as it turns out, Ancient Wisdom is quite well preserved.  Troves of information and sacred texts exist today, perfectly preserved, and many genuine masters have been captured on film and preserved.

However, the information has been diluted, and this Truth Vault filters through the dilution to extract and preserve genuine wisdom for our generation and generations to come.


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